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Commercial Services

Ball Septic Tank Service offers largescale commercial services in Durango and Cortez to maintain septic systems in businesses, restaurants, and industrial buildings. We provide regular maintenance for commercial systems to ensure the safety of your staff, guests, and the rest of your work.



Sewage lagoons are large ponds in which sewage water and waste flows from the working septic system. Lagoons have specialized treated water to help break down the material that is displaced there, and ultimately treats the waste and liquid in order to be disposed of properly. This option is most efficient if the soil conditions are poor and cannot soak up liquids very well. An unpleasant is common with sewage lagoons, making it important to have professional septic technicians take care of the cleaning and maintenance of these commercial waste management alternatives.



Cesspools are deep holes that are dug into the ground that often take the place of traditional tank systems. There is a layer of stone or concrete located in the walls so liquids can be dispensed into the soil; solid waste is collected at the bottom. It is important to have cesspools cleaned out and pumped regularly to ensure your waste is disposed of after it is gathered. Commercial cesspools need a little extra attention due to the typical fast-paced working environment.

Grease Trap Cleaning


Restaurants and industrial businesses can produce an excess amount of grease that is directed to flow into grease traps in order to keep it from damaging local septic systems in the same city. If the grease trap is not working properly due to clogs or backups, it is important to get this cleared up right away to ensure your business is not affected any further. Regular maintenance from Ball Septic is a crucial preventative action that can keep your grease traps collecting and running smoothly on their own.



Public restrooms, large companies, and small businesses alike benefit from Ball Septic’s commercial pumping services. Pumping is available to keep your system clear and prepared for consistent commercial use, especially in largescale form.

We provide efficient pumping services to resolve these issues, as well as prevent future mishaps. It is crucial to pay close attention to your commercial septic tank system as it can cause serious slowdowns or halts in your business if it begins to act up.

Septic Tank Cleaning


At the first sign of a sewage and septic issue – pooling water, waste backup, foul odor – it is important to call a professional right away to get it cleared up. Our septic cleaning services are available to clear out piping, tanks, and the rest of your system to keep it in top shape for your commercial business use.

Septic Tank Location


Ball Septic uses reliable septic tank location technology to find exactly where your septic tank is located. If you have never had septic services completed and thus do not know where your system is, call us for a technician. We are available to come out to your site and locate your system for you, as well as perform any service or maintenance to ensure it is working efficiently.

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