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Residential Services

Ball Septic Tank Service in Durango is available for residential services to restore the function of your tank at home. We offer a range of residential specialties to ensure your septic system is clear and running as smooth as possible.



Cesspools are not technically a septic tank, but instead a type of system that holds liquid and solid waste for disposal. These are deep holes dug into the ground that have a layer of stone or concrete in the walls and the bottom that allow the liquid to seep into the soil. Solids settle to the bottom and collect over time; eventually, cesspools need to be pumped and that is where Ball Septic Tank Service comes in. We are available to pump the entire system for clearance, or agitate the bottom to provide short term relief for systems that don’t appear to be working properly.



A backup or complication in a septic tank system can become more damaging than you think, not to mention very unpleasant. If sewage water or waste backs up into your home, not only will you need to repair your septic system but the interior of your living space as well.

Our pumping services are unbeatable. We are available to perform professional and timely pumping to resolve clogged or backed up systems before it gets out of control. As a preventative measure, we also offer regular maintenance to help keep your systems from failing.

Septic Tank Cleaning


If you notice pooling water in your lawn, a bad smell, slow drains in your home, or sewage backups in sinks and other basins, you may be in need of a thorough septic tank cleaning. It is important to call for assistance as soon as you see these issues arise; the longer you wait, the more costly and inconvenient the septic failure will become.

Ball Septic Tank Service is available to regularly clean out your septic tanks at home to prevent this from happening. If you are already experiencing these unfortunate septic symptoms, we can restore the system back to its working order. Backups and clogs certainly have a negative impact on your living conditions and everyday routine. Call us at Ball Septic Tank Service right away if you see your septic system is acting up!

Septic Tank Locating


We perform exceptional septic tank locating with high tech tracking equipment we utilize to search for your covers and tanks. When we know exactly where your tank is from our detectors, it makes it a lot easier to service and clean your systems. This will properly diagnose the problems you have noticed and ultimately resolve them.

Septic Tank Inspection

Septic Tank

Ball Septic also offers septic tank inspections to ensure that your septic tank is functioning properly. Even if your system appears to be working fine, it is important to have regular inspections to help give you peace or mind and identify any possible issues early. We are licensed septic inspectors, and can inspect and pump your septic system. Contact us to schedule an inspection for your home’s septic tank today.

Grease Trap Cleaning


Grease traps need to be cleaned out regularly to ensure it is collecting and holding its contents properly. These traps are used to prevent large amounts of grease from entering and potentially clogging other septic systems such as those for your home or city in which you live. In order to keep your home’s septic tanks and piping functioning properly, grease traps must be cleaned out consistently – the pros at Ball Septic are equipped to do just that.

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